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riting a Good Copy Takes Words, Passion & Skill

Writing a Good Copy Takes Words, Passion & Skill

HOT OFF THE PRESS!   Dearest Family and Friends, I am very excited to introduce Dr. Max Dent, the protagonist in my medical spy thriller, Doctor Assassin. For six years I have worked conscientiously on my first novel, combining my medical knowledge, vivid imagination, and extensive research, including consultations with experts. A brief summary: Dr. Max Dent, a venerated Boston heart surgeon, was content to have put his previous life as an assassin for the Israeli Intelligence behind him. But when he agrees to execute one more mission, for the first time on American soil, Max is drawn into a deadly terrorist plot. East and West, Fascism and terrorism, medicine and murder come together in a threat unparalleled since the Holocaust. Max may be the world’s best chance to stop it—if he can survive.

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Doctor Assassin (A Medical Science Thriller) by Mark R Belsky and Jon DiSavino is a terrorist thriller novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy medical science thrillers and who do not mind some sexual scenes. Dr. Max Dent was perfectly…

Review by Sefina Hawke of Readers’ Favorite

Doctor Assassin: A Medical Science Thriller by Mark R Belsky and Jon DiSavino is a fast-paced action thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until the end. Dr. Max Dent was an ex-assassin for the Israeli Intelligence Services but that was in his past. Max…

Rabia Tanveer of Readers’ Favorite

Doctor Assassin: A Medical Science Thriller is a work of fiction in the thriller, mystery, and suspense subgenres. It is suitable for the general reading audience and was penned by author Mark R Belsky. The book follows ex-assassin Max Dent who has managed to establish himself as a well-regarded heart…

Review by K.C. Finn of Readers’ Favorite